Open-CMSIS-Pack  Version 1.7.29
Delivery Mechanism for Software Packs
/package/part-taxonomy element

Group to list description elements that define part classes and part group names used within a package description. This element is optional.




Parent Element Element Chain
package /package
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
description Describes or defines a part class or class-group combination. PartTaxonomyDescriptionType 1..*



This element describes a part class or the combination between a part class and a part group. Parts are categorized by Hclass and Hgroup. The creator of a package can define names for Hclass and Hgroup. Thus, configuration tools can display the set of available parts. A document can be referenced using the attribute doc. The attribute generator can be used to reference to a generator tool. The id of the generator needs to be the same as specified in the element /package/generators/generator. The description itself is a string entered between the opening and closing tags of the element description.

It is recommended to use an already agreed part-taxonomy for interchangeable parts.



<description Hclass="Audio ICs">Audio Amplifiers, Audio Processors, MEMS Microphones, Sound Terminal Digital Audio Subsystem</description>
<description Hclass="Automotive" Hgroup="Logic ICs">Buffers/Drivers, Counters/Encoders/Decoders, FlipFlop/registers, Gates, ...</description>
You must not use Windows or Linux reserved characters for Hclass, Hgroup, and Hsub names! Reserved characters are:
< (less than)
> (greater than)
: (colon)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)
* (asterisk)


Parent Element Element Chain
part-taxonomy /package/part-taxonomy element
Attributes Description Type Use
Hclass Part Class Name. Can be defined by the creator of the package. Predefined values can be used as listed in the table Part Classes. HclassType required
Hgroup Part Group Name. Can be defined by the creator of the package. Predefined values can be used as listed in the table Part Groups. HgroupType optional
doc Reference to documentation. xs:string optional
generator Reference to a generator. Enter the id value of the element /package/generators/generator. xs:string optional
public Set publishing permissions for the documentation. If <public> is true, then the vendor gives permission to extract the documentation from the pack and publish it on a web-page. Links to web pages are assumed to be public. The default value is true (this is also the basic assumption if the tag is missing). xs:boolean optional


Table: Part Classes and Groups

Part Class and Part Group names are strings with a minimum length of 3 characters and a maximum length of 32 characters. Part Class and Part Group names are specified in the section /package/part-taxonomy/description. Part Group names are specified by the element Hgroup and create categories within a Part Class specified by the element Hclass.

Part Classes and Part Groups can be used in the elements:


<... Hclass="MEMS and Sensors" Hgroup="MEMS Microphone" ...>


The following table lists predefined Part Classes. Within each Part Class, some Part Groups have been also defined.

Hclass= Description Hgroup=
Amplifiers and Comparators Operational amplifiers, Power Operational Amplifiers, Video Amplifiers and Current Sense Amplifiers, Comparators Comparators Current Sensing Op Amp Power Op Amp Video Amplifiers
Audio ICs Audio Amplifiers, Audio Processors, MEMS Microphones, Sound Terminal Digital Audio Subsystem Amplifiers MEMS Sensor Processors Sound Terminal ICs
Automotive Automotive Devices (for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Analog and Power, Infotainment and Telematics, Logic ICs, Microcontrollers) ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Analog and Power Infotainment and Telematics Logic ICs
(Buffers/Drivers, Counters/Encoders/Decoders, FlipFlop/registers, Gates, ...)
Clocks and Timers Real-Time Clock (RTC) ICs RTC Timers
Data Converters A/D - D/A Converters, Isolated ADCs, Metering ICs A2D - D2A Isolated ADCs Metering ICs
Digital Set-Top Box ICs Demodulators and Tuners, Set-Top-Box Processors Demodulators and Tuners Set-Top-Box Processors
Diodes and Rectifiers Automotive-grade qualified diodes and rectifiers, bridge rectifier diodes, field effect rectifiers, Schottky barrier diodes, Silicon Carbide diodes, ultrafast rectifiers, … Diodes Rectifiers
Imaging and Photonics Devices Ambient Light sensors, Image sensors, Imaging processors, Time-of-Flight sensors Ambient Light Sensors Image Sensors Imaging Processors Time-of-Flight Sensors
Interfaces and Transceivers Standard interfaces (such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485, LVDS, and USB), I/O expanders, level translators, application-specific interfaces for smart cards and Ethernet, and IO-Link Transceivers Interfaces I/O Expanders Level Translators Transceivers
MEMS and Sensors Accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, environmental sensors, inertial modules, infrared sensors, MEMS microphones Environmental
(Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, …)
(Sensors for object movement detection and human presence sensing)
MEMS Hybrid
(Sensors with both environmental and motion features)
MEMS Microphone MEMS Motion
(Accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes)
(Time-of-Flight, ...)
Motor Drivers Brushed and brushless motor drivers, stepper motor drivers Brushed Brushless Gate Drivers Stepper
NFC NFC / RFID tags and readers, NFC controllers Secure Reader Tag Tag and Reader
Other To be used for devices not listed here
Positioning Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) modules GNSS ICs GNSS Modules
Power Management ST's Power Management ICs enable energy-saving, high-power-density and lower-standby-power design solutions (Power ICs, AC-DC converters, switching DC-DC converters, linear voltage regulators, battery management ICs, LED drivers, photovoltaic ICs, MOSFET and IGBT drivers, motor drivers, ...) AC-DC Converters Battery Management ICs DC-DC Switching Converters Display Supplies and Controllers eFuses and hot-swap ICs Energy Harvesting
GaN Power ICs Gate Drivers High-Density Power Drivers Intelligent Power Switches LED Drivers Lighting ICs
Linear Voltage Regulators LNB Supplies Photovoltaic ICs Power Over Ethernet ICs Voltage References Wireless Charger ICs
Power Modules Power modules for solutions ranging from tens of watts to several kilowatts ACEPACK SLLIMM
Power Transistors Transistors for high- and low-voltage applications (power MOSFETs , power IGBTs , power bipolar transistors, …) IGBTs Bipolar MOSFETs Wide Bandgap
Protections Devices for safe electronic systems and immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI) ASIP
(Application-Specific Integrated Products)
EMI Filters
(Electromagnetic interference filters)
(Thyristor surge suppressor)
(Transient Voltage Suppressors)
Radio Frequency Radio Frequency power devices (e.g. transistors for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM), for FM and TV Broadcast, for Mobile and wideband communications, for Avionics and Radar, for Telecom and Satellite Communications, …) RF DMOS RF LDMOS
Reset and Supervisor ICs Microprocessor supervisors and reset ICs for keeping application processor under control (e.g. microprocessor supervisors, resets, voltage detectors, voltage protection ICs, ...) Microprocessor Supervisors On-Off Controllers Reset and Voltage Detectors Smart Reset ICs Voltage Protection ICs Watchdog Timers
Secure MCUs Secure devices for privacy and data confidentiality and integrity protection (secure NFC, SIM, eSIM, …) Authentication Secure SIM
SiC Devices Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices (e.g. diodes, MOSFET, …) for efficient energy handling SiC Diodes SiC MOSFETs
Space Devices Devices for aerospace applications designed to be compliant with the standards for aerospace (e.g. the American QML-V standard of the US DLA - Defense Logistics Agency, the RHA - Radiation Hardness Assurance certification) LEO Rad-Hard ICs
(Low Earth Orbit Radiation Hardness ICs)
Rad-Hard Analog ICs Rad-Hard ASIC Platforms Rad-Hard Discretes Rad-Hard Interfaces Rad-Hard Logic ICs
Rad-Hard Power Management
Switches and Multiplexers Switches (analog, data signal, power/load switches) and multiplexers for audio/video applications and ultrasound imaging Switches Multiplexers
Thyristors and AC Switches Thyristors (aka Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers), Triacs and AC Switches (they are power devices) Switches Thyristors Triacs
Touch and Display Controllers Touch-screen controllers for multi-touch user interfaces (UIs)
Wireless Wireless connectivity devices for IoT, to remotely monitor, configure and control appliances and evices, to replace cable and connectors with wireless communications (e.g. 6LoWPAN devices, LoRaWAN devices, Bluetooth Low Energy devices, Ultra-wideband devices, ...) Long Range
(6LoWPAN, KNX-RF, LoRaWAN, Sub-1 GHz, Sigfox, Wi-Sun, Wireless M-BUS, …)
RF Front-end
(Baluns, Filters, ...)
RF Solutions
(RF PLL Synthesizers, ...)
Short Range
(60 GHz Contactless, Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, Ultra Wideband, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, ...)