Open-CMSIS-Pack  Version 1.7.30
Delivery Mechanism for Software Packs
/package/changelogs element

The concept of changelogs gets introduced to support the association of components and apis with changelog files shipped as part of the pack. This provides space for more detailed listing of changes between revisions of components and apis. Changelog files may contain the change history for one or more components/apis. A changelog describes the path and filename of a text file and specifies an "id" that is used by components and apis to link to this changelog file.

Supported use cases:

  • the content of the whole pack can be associated with a single changelog. In this case the attribute default can be set to "true" and not explicit references need to be added to each and every api and component. Any api or component with explicit changelog reference will not be associated with the "default" changelog.
    <changelog id="all" default="true" name="doc/mypack_changelog.txt>
  • individual components and apis can be associated with a specific changelog Example - an api and a component associated with different specific changelog.
    <changelog id="myapi" name="./apis/myapi/myapi_changelog.txt"/>
    <changelog id="mycomponent" name="./components/mycomponent/mycomponent_changelog.txt">
    <api Cclass="Driver" Cgroup="myapi" Capiversion="1.0.0" exclusive="true" changelog="myapi">
    <description>Driver for myapi</description>
    <file name="apis/myapi/Include/myapi.h" category="header"/>
    <file name="doc/apis/myapi.html" category="doc"/>
    <component Cclass="Driver" Cgroup="myapi" Cversion="1.0.0" Capiversion="1.0.0" condition="MyDevice" changelog="mycomponent">
    <description>Implementation of myapi driver against the Driver myapi</description>
    <file name="components/mycomonent/myapi.c" category="sourceC"/>
    The id attribute of a changelog is used to associate individual components and apis with a changelog.



Grouping element for changelog file descriptions. No more than one such group may exist in a Pack. The use of changelogs is optional.

Parent Chain
package /package
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
changelog A reference to a file in the pack containing the change history for components and apis. ChangelogType 1..*



An element containing a reference to a changelog files included in the pack.

Parent Chain
changelogs /package/changelogs
Attributes Description Type Use
id changelog identifier string which must be unique within the scope of the pdsc file. The id is used by bundles, components and apis to associate it with a changelog. xs:string required
name Specifies a path relative to package description file and the filename of the changelog file for the specified id. xs:string required
default If set to 'true' this changelog is associated with all apis and components, which are not explicitly referencing another changelog. There can only be a single default changelog. This optional attribute is treated as 'false' if not specified. xs:string optional