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Example info element

<info isLayer="false" >
<description>BSD Client application on top of MCB4300 Basic I/O layer with Ethernet</description>
<category>Wired Network, BSD Client, Board IO</category>


Parents Element Chain
cprj /cprj
Attributes Description Type Use
isLayer If 'true' then the project file is a layer description and not a complete project expected to create an output. Only layer descriptions can be added to an existing project, or a project is constructed from using only layer descriptions. By default a description is a project (false). xs:boolean required (if not default)
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
name Name of the project/layer RestrictedString 0..*
description Brief description of the project/layer. xs:string required
doc Project/layer documentation points to detailed documentation local *.md file or URL. xs:string 0..*
license License ruling for using files local to the layer using SPDX license ID from Note: components have their own licenses. xs:string 0..*


Parents Element Chain
info /cprj/info
Attributes Description Type Use
type repository type (git, svn, other) xs:string optional
tag specifies the repository tag. xs:string optional