Open-CMSIS-Pack  Version 1.7.29
Delivery Mechanism for Software Packs
/package/clayers element

The element /package/clayers/clayer describes a reference to a partially specified project named clayer contained in the Pack. The clayer itself may refer to a condition that must resolve to true; if it is false the clayer will be ignored.


<clayer name="32F429IDISCOVERY" type="Board" file="Layers/board_32F429IDISCOVERY.clayer.yml" condition="Board_32F429IDISCOVERY">
<description>"Board layer for 32F429IDISCOVERY"</description>



Grouping element for clayers. No more than one such group can exist in a package description.

Parent Chain
package /package
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
clayer Description of a clayer, which represents a partially specified project. ClayerType 1..*



A clayer section is used to provide the required information for accessing a clayer YAML file contained in a Pack. All clayers contained in the installed packs can be listed including a name, type and a brief description. A clayer can be referenced by a project. If a condition is specified, the clayer is only listed in case the filter part of the condition resolves to true.

Parent Chain
clayers /package/clayers
Attributes Description Type Use
name Name of the clayer xs:string required
type Type of the clayer xs:string required
file Relative path and name of the clayer YAML file. xs:string required
condition Enter the id of a condition. The clayer is available and will be listed only when the filter condition is true. (Note: no component dependencies are evaluated. xs:string optional
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
description Briefly documents the purpose and scope of the clayer. xs:string 1